Dynamic Workforce

  • On the left of the backend we have the Dynamic Workforce that allows us to create seats for agents so that they can select their work shifts.

  1. Select the line of business you want to add the Seats.

  2. Select the date you want to add seats.

  3. Download the report for that specific line of business for the selected date.

  4. Allows Manager to send notification to all agents of a certain line of business.

  5. Allows Manager to export the workforce report for the selected line of business and date.

  6. Under add seats you can select the business line to which you want to add seats.

  7. Under add seats select the start time you want the seats to be available on the selected date.

  8. Under add seats select the time at which seats availability ends.

  9. Under add seats select the normal pricing level.

  10. Under add seats select the high price level (the high price when the agent works overtime “ex: From 01:00 to 6:00 AM” ), it means that the agent will be paid a higher amount than normal hours

  11. Allows you to select the number of seats you want to make available for that line of business, on that specific date, at the defined start and end time.

  12. selecting this option allows you to send a notification to the agents associated with your management as a manager saying that there are seats available on a specific date and time.
  13. By pressing the Add seats button you will be creating the seats with the definitions defined by you.

  • In Dynamic Workforce on the Management tab, you can view and manage all seats created

  1. Allows you to search for seats created for a specific line of business using keywords.
  2. Allows you to select the line of business.
  3. Allows you to select the company name.
  4. Allows you to select the start and end date of the created seats.
  5. Allows you to have a transversal view of the created seats (LOB, Company, Date, Start and End time, Timezone, number of seats added and that have already been selected and under the actions the option to delete and edit the created seats)

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