Account Settings

  1. On the upper left side is the menu icon with account settings.
  2. in the settings you have, account Settings , change password, privacy policy, delete Account and logout.
  • Account Settings – in account settings you can change email name and phone number.
  • Change Password – in change password you can change the access password.
  • App Language – in app language you can change the application language.
  • Privacy Policy – under privacy policy you can read our company’s entire privacy policy.
  • Support – In support you can consult all the articles and training videos on how to manage the mobile app and the backend.
  • Delete Account – in deleting the account you can delete your account from our platform, but remembering that this process is irreversible.
  • Log Out – In Logout you log out of the application and return to the initial authentication screen to access the application.

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